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Finding yourself working IN the business rather than ON the business?

You are not alone!

Sometimes we all need a little help and support, and that's ok.

At White Lotus Coaching & Consulting, I work with both individuals and companies to make the way forward much easier. 

Whether you are struggling with the pains of growing up as a business, losing sleep worrying about the inevitable increase in complexity or are involved in a new business and experiencing start-up tribulations, I'm here to help.

Specialising in working with start-ups within the creative and tech industries who have been experiencing exponential growth, I understand only too well that within both our personal or business life, we all have to go through periods of change. 

Needless to say these put pressures upon us and make the solid ground beneath our feet shift.  But even though there will be a positive outcome in the end, when you are in the midst of this whirlwind it is easy to feel overwhelmed, dazed and confused.

Don’t make the mistake that many do and try to walk away from change or try to fight it; even worse, use delaying tactics, avoiding it until the pressures are too great and your is business suffering.

I get you

The increased complexity affects all aspects of yourself as much as the business and therefore need to be managed effectively. Having successfully started my own venture I understand completely how you're feeling.

As an experts in the field of Coaching & Consulting I can provide a service carefully tailored to match your needs.

Whatever issues you feel you need assistance with, I will support you in dealing with the upheaval of change, transforming yourself and your organisation and taking it to the next level, whilst maintaining the essence of your unique company culture.

Let me do what I do best and bring your sleepless nights to an end once and for all!




Founder of White Lotus Coaching & Consulting Ltd.

Internationally accredited and award-winning Personal Development & Business Coach

MBA & ACCA qualified Business Consultant

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To find out how I can help your organisation reach its full potential, simply fill out the contact form below, tell me a little bit about what you are looking for and I will be in touch. 

Thanks for getting in touch!

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